The PAIAP Manifesto

• The collective enjoyment of creativity is something that is profoundly revolutionary.

• To authenticate is to denounce, and to make profound paradigmatic changes that will put an end to the capitalization of existence.

• Authenticity is reclaiming our own peculiarity, which is not hegemonic, monetary or static, but organic; like our proper cells, all so different and so united in their distinctness.

• Authenticity is a link to another history, not one of invading or invaded people.

• Autencitet is the shortest route to freedom, in unity with all beings.

• Authenticus is not static, but instead dynamic and recreational. It incorporates and includes; it´s the human capacity of synergy.

With this proclamation PAIAP seeks to reclaim for everyone the contemporary expression in all of its possibilities.

La Red, -Clemente Padín. Aspudden, Stockholm - PAIAP11/©Loen Montefusco


Cámara Lúdica, Canto para Barthes,  HGJ / The Garden Society - Gothenburg - PAIAP12/©A.Larsen.

La Flor,  Eli Neira . Götaplatsen, Gothenburg - PAIAP11/©Loen Montefusco