A site specific intervention, as a durational performative dialogue: searching for Medusa in the square around Poseidon in Gothenburg, Sweden 2017

A minimal visual narrative. As an homage to Wicca, the ancient celebration to Equinoxes. We could do that to give her a name like Demeter, Cibeles, Rea, Gaia, Ceres, Bamba, Mut, goddess of snakes or Pachamama.

Music by Jorge Alcaide // Video, photo & edit by Héctor García-Jorquera - PAIAP

In-Dios 3.0 Attempt, Who is responsible for fascism?

A durational action in a "performative curatorial" mode, based on  the performance In-Dios, created by Sebastián Ruiz Bartilson.

Performative curatorship by HGJ - PAIAP performed by Sebastián Ruiz Bertilson & Héctor García-Jorquera.

video by Juan Velásquez.

Canto a Ganesh, site specific ritual & live installation. Kulturtemplet, Gothenburg, July 2016.

Canto al Río, acontecer, site specific intervention; Puente Recoleta, V International Biennial Deformes Santiago Chile 2014

No Canto a poseidon. Acontecer, a site specific intervention.

Re-Release of the platform PAIAP